Moral Orel, Vapid Movie Reboots, Nigel Tufnel (with Moriah Boell)

Love: Moral Orel

Love Hate Relationship welcomes guest host, Mac and Cheese Connoisseur Moriah Boell (@moraiuhuh), who has brought the Love for us all today: the stop-motion religious satire, Moral Orel. She, along with Alex and Andy, dive into the various characters and all the ways in which they’re super broken as people, the dark and twisted plot lines satirizing on biblical literalism and stereotypes about evangelical families, and why Moriah argues that the show isn’t mocking religion so much as mocking hypocrites.

Hate: Vapid Movie Reboots

Andy and Alex chose this one together, and it shows. They ramble and yell about how while some studios and creatives are working to make excellent, thoughtful reboots of both well-known and under-served properties (looking at you 21 Jump Street and 90’s Mummy), others are shallow, trend-chasing garbage fires that ignore everything wonderful about previous iterations in favor of cheap humor (3 Stooges), big name actors (Tom Cruise Mummy), and half-assed effects and marketing (The Thing). Everyone gets angry and it’s generally delightful.

Relationship: Nigel Tufnel

A musically-inclined listener writes in to ask for some advice on finding people to casually jam with now that they’re ten years out of high school and it’s been just as long since they’ve picked up their guitar. Andy recommends mining workplaces and already existing social circles while Mo suggests getting into an actual music scene, and Alex just tells them to go back to school already.