About the Podcast

We like to think of Love Hate Relationship as a mixture of Oprah’s Favorite Things, Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons, and Dr. Ruth.

Each episode is simple:

First, one of us dives into a topic or subject that we deeply love. The kind of topic varies from pop culture to media to sports to habits and practices and anything that strikes us as loveable. Maybe we’ll talk about our favorite musicals or musicians, and maybe we’ll discuss comic books or stories from history or philosophies. It’s our podcast, we do what we want.

Afterward, the other, non-love host brings up a subject of hate. Here, we want to be more careful. We aren’t interested in being mean-spirited, cruel, cynical, or troll-ish. Rather, we want to take the issues that bother us and unpack why it is that we feel the world would be a better place if this were removed or solved or tried for treason and/or war crimes. Maybe it’s an annoyance, like a loud fandom or meme we just don’t get because the slow crawl toward death is rendering us awful. Maybe it’s a political subject we think is gnawing at the ethical center of our society. Maybe it’s coconut, because coconut is gross.

Finally, we close out with a question from you, one of our fantastic listeners. You send us a relationship problem, be it with a partner, a family member, an enemy sworn to vengeance, or the podiatrist who keeps telling you to quit dancing and won’t listen when you insist the rhythm lives within you. We take all queries as long as they’re about you and at least one other organic lifeform.

Visit our “Submit Your Relationship Questions” to submit, or just click here, or just listen to one of our episodes.

HEADS UP TO ALL Y’ALLWe swear on this podcast. A lot. So parental discretion, watch out for little ears if you got ’em, etc. etc.

About Your Hosts

Alex Ruiz is a writer and caseworker based out of Asheville, North Carolina. He’s a former staff writer for The Body is Not An Apology, a graduate of the MFA program at Rutgers-Camden, and has enough student loan debt to accept ethically questionable sponsorship offers if anyone wants to offer him any. Love Hate Relationship was a podcast idea he was throwing around for a couple of years before his dear friend Andy expressed both an interest and a willingness to do all the bleep-bloopy computer bits for it. He is deeply grateful. Follow him on Twitter at @A_X_Ruiz and Instagram, also @a_x_ruiz.

Andy Boell is a video production technician/camera-man living and operating in Orlando, Florida. He is originally from California by way of Colorado and misses the mountains more than he can express through spoken word. He has a degree in Radio-Television Production from the University of Central Florida and nominally less student loan debt. When Alex mentioned the idea for LHR, Andy saw it as an excuse to both get some use out of his editing software and get unapologetically passionate about random stuff with his buddy under the pretense of making a show. He jumped at the opportunity. You can follow him on Twitter a @Jovocop2113 where he posts way to much about hockey and on Instagram @sir_aacha where he really doesn’t post anymore.