Mark Waid’s Daredevil, Representative Steve King, Emma Frost

Love: Mark Waid’s Daredevil

Following brief addresses on both last month’s midterm elections and the passing of Stan Lee, Andy brings the podcast to possibly its most niche topic ever, writer Mark Waid’s three-year comics run on Daredevil. He and Alex summarize a little about the character and the particular arc, and focus in on what a story can do when it lowers the stakes from the world-ending and centers it on personal drama. They also talk about how the artwork depicts a blind man’s senses, the use of D-list villains for unpredictable storytelling, and how Mark Waid manages to build a commentary on media and police manipulation by white supremacists back in 2014. Very minor spoilers, and with plenty of background for those who don’t follow comics much.

Hate: Representative Steve King

Not to be outdone by Andy’s niche-ness, Alex brings LHR to its most political, singling out an entire segment to call out Iowa’s 4th District representative, Steve King, the man so extreme that his own Republican Party regularly rebukes him. He runs down a shortlist of King’s most racist, homophobic, and misogynistic statements and legislative actions, including denying Medicaid coverage to women in cases of rape and incest, defending racial profiling, and spending $80k of his own money to campaign against pro-marriage equality judges (just to start). It’s an info dump for sure, but it’s followed with Andy’s entertainingly absolute horror at bullet point after bullet point of terrible Steve King stories.

Relationship: Emma Frost

A listener writes in to ask if they did the right thing in letting go a former partner who seemed to still not be over an ex. Alex and Andy inform them with the gusto that a beautiful, powerful, awesome-as-hell listener of theirs deserves that they’re totally in the right and any doubt about it should be shunted into the abyss where their now ex and that ex’s ex will probably end up if they don’t sort out their BS.