The Doors (A Challenge), The NCAA, The Green-Eyed Monster

Love: The Doors (A Challenge)

This episode, Alex dives into the 1960’s psychedelic rock band, The Doors, with a caveat: he and Andy agree to have almost the entirety of the discussion without referencing their lead singer, the one most of you are most familiar with. They talk about the versatility of the three instrumentalists, how they blended those skills into the band’s unmistakable style, and why it is that fans have so much trouble caring about the members of their favorite musical acts who aren’t the frontmen.

Hate: The NCAA

Andy with the hot takes comes in to talk about all of the reasons why he hates the National Collegiate Athletic Association, from their cabalistic leadership to their profit-first model of operations to scandal after scandal after scandal. He mentions their noble origins as an organizing body (founded by Teddy effing Roosevelt), Alex takes the chance to rail at the universities that kowtow to them, and everyone comes away feeling just a little dirtier.

Relationship: The Green-Eyed Monster

One of our marvelous listeners writes in to ask for advice on how to deal with envious thoughts when faced with the successes of the other people around them, particularly those seen on Facebook and social media. Andy recs social media hiatuses and empathetic practice while Alex brings in stuff like therapy and the (potentially crunchy) practice of congratulating first and thinking second.