Bojack Horseman, George RR Martin, New York

Love: Bojack Horseman

Only a little late following the premiere of the show’s fifth season, Alex talks up one of his very favorite TV shows out there, Bojack Horseman. Following a spoiler-ridden discussion of characters, comedy, animal puns, and darkness, he and Andy dive into the show’s depiction of Existential Nihilism, a little about the philosophy, and why it resonates with Alex so hard. Big shout out to Youtube Channel Wisecrack for their excellent videos going deep into this topic, which can and should be watched here:

The Philosophy of BOJACK HORSEMAN –
Gaze Into the Abyss – Nihilism in Rick and Morty & BoJack Horseman –

Hate: George RR Martin

Andy comes down hard this episode on writer, producer, showrunner, and architect of joy and misery, George RR Martin. They discuss his career (which features exactly one more Ron Perlman reference than you expected), his Song of Ice and Fire novels (which Andy loves), the show Game of Thrones (which Alex hasn’t watched), then actually have a long, meaningful conversation about what an artist does or does not owe to the audiences that love their work.

Relationship: New York

A listener writes in with the good news that they’ve gotten a new job (yay, congrats!), and the fear that in taking it, they’ll lose touch with the tight-knit community of friends from their last gig. Andy and Alex offer practical advice on maintaining long-distance friendships (which may or may not include a suggestion to start a podcast), and some reassurance about the weird, quirky ways that friendly adult relationships sometimes look.