Hunter S. Thompson, Traditions, Norm

Love: Hunter S. Thompson

Following his take-down of a certain frustrating fantasy author last episode, Andy comes in this time with a hyper-real literary icon, the incomparable Hunter S. Thompson. He talks about Thompson’s background, his unflinching devotion to subjective journalism, and what his writing makes of the American Dream. Alex meanwhile interrogates the politics of that writing, and both of them more or less agree that theĀ Fear and Loathing movie might not be as great as some may remember it.

Hate: Traditions

Alex brings it down to the super general as he discusses the very notion of Traditions, shouting about internet-friendly topics like circumcision, spanking children, and college sports. Andy gives some wholesome examples of nice traditions from his own life and Alex desperately tries not to come off like a cynic.

Relationship: Norm

A listener reaches out for ideas on how to tactfully fire her hairdresser, who also happens to be a drinking buddy. Alex and Andy both emphasize communication in friendships along with the arguably greater importance of being happy with your own hair, and everyone is reminded that alcohol can be a great lubricant for bad news.