Happy Places, Tortured Artists, Gary Oak

Love: Happy Places

Back to form this episode as Andy talks up the concept of one’s “Happy Place.” He discusses his love of the mountains (and beer) of Canada, the nostalgia that fuels his love of them, and Alex works very hard not to spend the entire segment making dirty jokes while dissecting this complex psychological phenomenon.

Hate: Tortured Artists

Alex brings the rage to yell about the stereotype of “tortured artists” in society, and the notion that creators need to be traumatized and suffering to be any good. They discuss examples where we forget how hard these so-called broken people work to hone their crafts, and how truly mundane and boring that process can be. Plenty of ranting and maybe some stories you’ve never heard before.

Relationship: Gary Oak

One of Alex’s online weightlifting connections sends in a question about how exactly to break off a relationship with a training partner who doesn’t seem to quite get how homophobic and misogynistic he is acting. Andy recommends smart ways minimize conflict and both of them agree that the phrase “hooked up with” is needlessly confusing.