Rob Paulsen, Virtual Sport Sports, Bishop

Love: Rob Paulsen

Alex reintroduces Andy to an array of their favorite cartoon characters and the man who voiced a truly ridiculous number of them, Rob Paulsen (@yakkopinky). They discuss his life, career, and projects before sashaying into a larger discussion of all the respect voice actors deserve, but don’t get from the industry. Clips galore, kiddos.

Hate: E-Sports (Virtual Sport Sports)

Andy doesn’t (but probably should) sport a cane and a set of dentures as he shakes his fist at these kids and their new-fangled electronic sports leagues. He goes to great lengths to explain he hates leagues of video games of actual sports, but is cool with the hyper-unrealistic stuff, and Alex is just happy that somebody finally explained this whole¬†Fortnite¬†thing to him.

Relationship: Bishop

An IRL question comes in from a listener who’s been burned by infidelity and somewhat altruistically wants everyone out there to think about how they would tell a friend their partner is cheating. Alex and Andy treat the subject with gravitas and only recommend alcohol as a primer two, maybe three times.