G.O.A.T. Debates, Video Streaming Services, Harley Quinn (Update)

Love: G.O.A.T. Debates

Alex opens this episode with a discussion on the concept and phenomenon of G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) debates. He lays out the term’s history in basketball and Hip-Hop culture, and then he and Andy turn it to everything from hockey to guitarists to hockey to weightlifting and boxing and rap and even hockey. They lay out the purpose of the debate, what can be gleaned from having them, and even try their hand at one to short and hilarious results.

Shout out to Hip Hop DX for their videos on Basketball and Hip Hop and discussion of the term “G.O.A.T.” which were instrumental in research for this subject. Follow them, they’re great.

Hate: Video Streaming Services

Andy comes to this one prepared to dissect everything he hates about the newest innovation in watching stuff, Video Streaming Platforms, and the abundance thereof. He and Alex break down the ones they use, the ones they actually pay for, and reminisce about that brief period of time where you could seemingly get everything you ever wanted with just Netflix and Hulu. They even dive into the ethics of piracy, a subject that is sure to result in very reasonable, not-at-all hyperbolic internet conversations.

Relationship: Harley Quinn (Update)

For the first time in LHR history, one of our listeners writes in AGAIN to give an update on their situation. Harley Quinn returns to the podcast to tell us what’s happened at her place of employment since we’d last left off, what she plans to do following the latest BS that her boss and company president (The Joker and Mayor Hill, respectively) have attempted to pull, and she even receives an offer of assistance from one of the hosts.

Listen to Episode 10 here for Harley’s original question, and listen to this episode for a lot of angry swearing at people who aren’t Harley.